Monday, September 27, 2010

Customer Classifications

Take a careful look at your customer list. Some of them are great customers. Some are just so-so. And, some of them may not be worth keeping.

It will help your business if you start classifying each customer in one of 4 categories:

1) Customer. This is a customer who has bought one of your products or who you performed a one-time service for.

2) Repeat customer. Here is someone who was impressed enough with your offering to buy again.

3) Referral. Here is a customer who was so satisfied with what you sell that they are willing to let you reference them to new prospects.

4) Advocate. This is the top of the food chain! This customer recommends your business to others without ever being asked to.

If you want to build a powerful business, you need to develop plans and actions that move each of the first 3 levels into level 4. Because level 4 is where your business gets the brass ring.

Next week’s blog: Overled & Undermanaged???

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