Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another 3 techniques that help the new sales rep hit the ground running: (Part 2)

Here are 3 additional sales training techniques that adequately prepare the new sales rep to hit the ground running:

1) Have your new sales rep write two telephone and email scripts that requests an appointment. In today’s business environment, the vast majority of buyers will only see a sales rep by appointment and with voice mail it can be very challenging getting that appointment. Therefore, it is imperative that this telephone and email script be short, sweet and powerful without sounding pushy.

2) Have the new rep write answers to 4 tough telephone objections from both the prospect as well as their “gate keeper/screener”. Objections like (a) “I’m not interested”, (b) “I already buy from a competitor that I’m happy with”, (c) “Send me information in the mail”, (d) “I’ll leave a message for Mr. Jones, Smith, etc.”

3) Have your sales rep write several benefit statements to be used when making sales calls. These benefit statements need to explain to a prospect why he/she should continue listening to what your sales reps has to say. The image your sales rep should have is imagining he’s in a cage with a hungry lion and that lion is going to eat him unless he feeds him meat to chew on. That “meat” is benefits that the prospect may be interested in.

Now all of these activities (part 1, 2 & 3) will take a week to accomplish. So, you’ve lost a week of sales call activity. However, this one week loss is nothing in the overall scheme of things. Because once the rep is armed with knowledge and sales techniques, he/she will have a far greater likelihood of being successful and your company will get a lot more business from them.

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